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Hartz Mountain Corp

Hartz Delectables Squeeze up Lickable Wet Cat Treats, Tuna, 2Oz, 4 Pack

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  • A rich, thick puree in a lick able tube that you can hand feed for a fun and delicious treat
  • Feeding options: by hand, into a bowl, or as a topper
  • Feed up to 3 tubes per day for an average size adult feline
  • Convenient to keep on hand and easy to use
  • Made with tuna to entice your kitty

Delectables Squeeze Up Cat Treats Tuna, 4 Ct. These 4-count Delectables Cat Treats can be a delightful surprise for your pet. Each one consists of a rich, thick puree with an enjoyable creamy texture and comes in a convenient lockable tube. It is made of tuna to easily entice your pet. Keep a Delectables Squeeze-Up on hand for a simple and fun treat to give your feline. You can open one and hold it up for your companion to lick or pour it into a feeding bowl. It can also be used as a tasty and nutritious topper for cat food. They can be given to your furry friend daily along with a complete and balanced diet of kitty food.

Water, Tuna, Tapioca Starch, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Guar Gum, Natural Tuna Flavor./div>