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Hamsters Feeder Small Animals Automatic Dispenser Gravity Auto Dispensers Pet Pellets Food Storage Bowl - Dwarf Hamster Gerbils Mice Hedgehog Guinea Pig and Other Small Animal Ideal Feeding Station

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  • SPLASH-PROOF BAFFLE - Semi-closed food dispenser with a baffle design at the outlet to prevent your pet from accidentally tipping food, also saving the cleaning time. It is for hamster, dwarf hamsters, gerbil, guinea pigs, sugar glider, chinchillas, rats, birds, squirrel, hedgehog, small mice, and other little animals.
  • TRANSPARENT MATERIAL - Made of quality acrylic material, non-toxic and durable; Transparent texture big capacity storage pellets container allows you to monitor food levels and refill in time.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Can Be Portable out or hung fixed. The back screw hole allows you to firmly attach the food dish bowl to the pet cage. Suitable for hamster hut, squirrel cage, gerbil cage, guinea pig cage chinchilla cage, or other multiple small pets cage.
  • PET AUTOMATIC FEEDER - Automatically delivers meals to feed your pet when you are travel or busy with work, save your time, and won't let your pet starve. Perfect mini auto dispensers rack replacement.
  • EASY REFILLING - Top large opening design allows for convenient refilling; With a door panel to cover the opening to keep pet food away from dust and bugs, Best Ideal Feeding Supply Station.