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Hamiledyi Rabbit Bunny Grass Mat,3 Pack Hamster Mat Natural Straw Woven Bed Mat Bunny Bedding Nest Chew Toy for Small Animal Guinea Pig Parrot Rat

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  • 100% natural straw and handwoven,Non-Toxic and allergic free safe for our cute pets,Grass mat is a highly sustainable,can also be placed inside a cage, due to its small size,perfect for small animals like guinea pig,rabbits,dogs,chinchillas,goffins,hamsters,cockatoos,cats,grays, amazons,eclectus,and macaws.
  • Our furry animals will like this product very much.Give your bunny a taste of the outdoors with Hamiledyi Woven Grass Mat.If they were in a cage with a wire floor I would probably put a carpet scrap for lounging on. Bunnies like cozy things to cuddle on,They can nap on it, and spends a lot of time chewing on it and this is great for eating though.
  • The product will take a lot of abuse from your pet.I know a lot of people out here are rabbit purists and want safe sturdy products so we sell this safe grass mat.
  • If our bunny loves to dig and chew,the all-natural grass mat is ideal.Can provide your lovely pet a comfortable place to rest, play,bite or grind their teeth.EvenOur birds love foraging on these mats, can be used as a chew toy that helps to wear her teeth down.
  • Package including:3*grass mats(2L+1M),You will love this little hay carpet! Save our own carpets that's for sure!Our pet can dig at it and bite it and pull it apart and then they can eat it!A great gift for your pets