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Hamiledyi Decaying Trunk Aquarium, Betta Fish Ornament, Freshwater Ornament - Small Resin Aquarium Decoration Log, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Wood with Holes & Aquarium Hideout Caves

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  • 100%NATURAL RESIN MATERIAL: Aquarium driftwood is natural and free of chemicals.It is safe for fish. Shrimp, fish fry, betta, small fish. Before putting the product into the aquarium, please rinse with water first.
  • SOAKING TIME & FRESH WATER: Please soak for 10-15 minutes with water before applying.Applicable to fresh water environment, put into the fish tank or aquarium to let the fish shuttle freely among them, add a natural breath to the fish tank.
  • LIGHT WEIGHT&STURDY BRANCHES: Reptile driftwood is light weight and sturdy branches are perfect for decorating and climbing reptiles.It can also be used on mossy trees in fish tanks;Can also be used for home garden landscape design.
  • SIZE: Length*Width*Height--5.5x2x3.9In Package including -- 2*resin wood aquarium decor
  • DON'T FLOAT: The ornament base is heavy, it doesn't float above water. The small fish can swim in the water and hide in the cave. Aquarium accessories complement any naturalistic look.

✔SIZE: Length*Width*Height--5.5x2x3.9In Package including -- 2*resin wood aquarium decor Tree Trunk Decor Aquarium decoration log is suitable for other fish such as shrimp, crayfish and cichlids. It is safe and suitable for all pets.Designed for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums, you can add mystery to your tanks and keep your fish entertained throughout the day.