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HAICHEN TEC Bearded Dragon Sleeping Bag with Pillow and Blanket Soft Bed Habitat Decor Cage Accessories for Reptile Bearded Dragon Leopard Gecko Lizard

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  • COMFORTABLE SLEEPING BAG: Reptile sleeping bag is a good place for reptiles to rest and sleep, especially when the bearded dragon experiences long-term bruises, you can provide a warm and comfortable place for your bearded dragon through the reptile sleeping bag.
  • HIGH QUALITY FABRIC: The reptile sleeping bag is made of soft cloth, filled with a proper amount of sponge ,and keeps warm and breathable,it makes your pet feel comfortable.
  • SLEEPING BAG DESIGN:The reptile sleeping bag has been designed much like a sleeping bag. it is a little roll up quilted mattress with pillow and a blanket attached fixed at all corner to leave a gap for the tail to stretch. Size(approx):13’’L x 8.5’’W.
  • FIXED PILLOW PLACE:Pillow with Velcro can be easily fixed and removed according to needs, which is convenient for the bearded dragon to rest and play and is not easy to fall off.
  • CONVENIENT TO CLEAN: The sleeping bag is easy to clean and it is filled with spray bonded cotton evenly and not easy to agglomerate. It can be scrubbed repeatedly.