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Guinea Pig Toilet, Small Animal Potty Trainer Corner, Square Rat Litter Bedding Box with Small Broom, Dustpan, Small Pet Litter Toilet for Guinea Pigs, Chinchilla, Ferret,Galesaur…

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  • Customized Size: After our repeated design, research, and trial, we finally determined that the size of this Guinea pig toilet is 9.8 inches long, 7.8 inches wide, and 1.2 inches high, which is suitable for guinea pigs, hamsters, small rabbits, chinchillas or others .It's perfect for small animals.
  • Lazy essentials: Are you tired of cleaning pet poop and cage litter every day? Try our innovative small pet flat toilet immediately! Our toilet top plate and chassis are detachable. When you need to clean the toilet, you only need to separate the top plate from the box and rinse with water.I recommend you to use half a disposable pet changing pad. You just need to replace one pad for each cleaning, which saves time.
  • Non-slip bottom: The bottom of our rat toilet is non-slip, which can prevent pets from overturning or moving. At the same time, the height of 3 cm ensures that you can place it anywhere in the cage, such as hideout nests or corners, so it is more suitable for training pets to use the toilet