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GREEN LIFESTYLE Washable Underpads, Pack - of 6 Large Bed Pads, 34" X 36", for Use as Incontinence Bed Pads, Reusable Pet Pads, Great for Dogs, Cats, Bunny & Seniors (6 Pack - 34X36)

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  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT - Our large, thick Underpads are 34 x 36 inches and are best for adults and seniors with incontinence, potty training toddlers and kids, and children who have overnight accidents.
  • QUILTED CLOTH - The soft bed pads are designed to lock in moisture and won't leak. It has a dependable waterproof backing that provides extra protection for your bed mattress.
  • FITS TWIN, QUEEN & KING - Underpads are designed for many different uses and will fit on any size mattress. Ultra heavy-duty to handle a large amount of urine - good for puppies & elderly dogs too.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE - At Green Lifestyle, protecting our environment is important, so our reusable pads are made of premium quality fabric with reinforced seams to last a long time, wash after wash.
  • KEEP DIGNITY IN PLACE - Our pads are designed for those needing a little extra protection for the occasional leak of urine - whether it's from a medical issue or something else. We've got your back.

GREEN LIFESTYLE'S WASHABLE & REUSABLE UNDERPADS come in a pack of 6 so you'll always have one clean when you need it.

Each pad is a super-sized 34 inches x 36 inches to offer protection no matter how much movement there is. And if you want to totally cover the width of a king-size bed, just put two pads next to each other. Each underpad is quilted for extra absorbency and the reinforced seams keep the pads intact.

Are you a dog lover that puts up with the occasional accident from your beloved pet? These pads are not only good for the 2-legged animal (us) but also the 4-legged furry friend we live with.

You'll see these pads used in hospitals to keep a patient comfortable as the fabric locks in moisture. The waterproof backing protects the sheet and mattress from staining. They are very easy to use for caretakers and family members as they won't fall apart when wet. Just lift the pad up and throw it in the washing machine to use another day.

There are several stages in life when we need a little extra protection from a urinary leak. A baby sometimes has a leaky diaper so you want a pad like this for the crib. Then, when the toddler is older and we're potty training, we need something to catch those accidents. Adults often suffer from incontinence for medical reasons but that's no reason to be uncomfortable. The underpads are so absorbent you'll wake up dry, even if you had an accident.

Add this to your cart today and have 4 absorbent underpads available to you whenever you need one.