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Grass Mat for Rabbit Bunny Chew Toys Woven Bed Mat for Guinea Pig Chinchilla Squirrel Hamster Cat Dog and Small Animal

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  • ❤100% HAND-WOVEN:Made from natural straw,handwoven for our cute pets.Grass mat is a,can also be placed inside a cage, due to its small size, perfect for small animals like guinea pig, rabbits, dogs, chinchillas, goffins, hamsters, cockatoos, cats, grays,birds, amazons, eclectus,macaws hamster bedding.
  • ❤PROTECT PET’S FEET--The design of animal activity, put on the bottom of the cage to protect the pet's feet,Our pet can dig at it and bite it and pull it apart and then they can eat it! it can be used as a nest linerour pet bunny will love this mat as a simple chewable padded floor covering.
  • ❤SAFE EDIBLE--Bunnies love to chew! Chewing is a normal, natural, necessary (and highly enjoyable) activity for rabbits.This handmade hay mat is edible, which can be used for grinding, and game-playing. Your small animals will undoubtedly get relief from these activities.Even the birds love foraging on these mats, can be used as a chew toy that helps to wear her teeth down.
  • ❤HIGH WATER IMBIBITION:Our mats has high water-absorbent properties that rid you of wiping off your pet’s pee each time. Simply use a damp paper towel over the surface and the bad odor gets eliminated.Useful and soft pretty a small woven mat made from dried natural grass,Give your bunny a taste of the outdoors with Woven Grass Mat.
  • ❤HIGHLY SUSTAINABLE MAT FOR PETS:11inch x 8.3inch,enough for your lovely rabbits or pets.24 pcs in can put Inside or outside the cage.