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Gabraden Rabbit Heated Pad Small Animal Heating Pad for Bunny Guinea Pigs Heater Heating Plate with Anti-Bite Protection Cover(Black)

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  • 🐣【High-quality fabric】: GABraden rabbit heating pad is made of high-quality materials, environmentally friendly and safe. The wires are equipped with anti-bite tubes, which are enough to protect your rabbit from damaging the wires and causing electric shocks and dangers. You don't have to worry about them destroying the anti-bite tubes.
  • 🐣【Safety Design】: The rabbit heating pad adopts a new constant temperature automatic shutdown function, and there are two layers of constant temperature inside the rabbit heating pad. Always work, maintain a constant temperature, prevent rabbits from overheating and scalding, and greatly reduce and eliminate the source of fire.
  • 🐣【Adjustable temperature】: The rabbit heating pad has high and low temperature options (1°C-50°C), and the initial temperature defaults from low to high. You can choose the appropriate temperature. The animal heating pad is very suitable for most small animals, rabbits , My Neighbor Totoro, Guinea Pig, etc.
  • 🐣【Even heating】: GABraden rabbit heating pad adopts internal needle-punched cotton material, which effectively increases the heating area to 85%, making heating more even and heat locked. In winter or cold nights, rabbit heating pads can provide pets with warm and comfortable products.
  • 🐣【Easy to clean】: The surface of the rabbit heating pad is made of high-quality materials, waterproof and wear-resistant, and the surface is dirt-resistant. If there is residue on the surface, you can wipe it off with a clean cloth, which is as convenient as a new product.