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FZONE Stainless Steel Filter Canister Designed from Ada'S Jet Filter

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  • FZONE stainless steel (SS) canister filters are external-use-only aquarium filters made of 3 mm thick grade 304 stainless steel.  They are slick, beautiful, and super easy to disassemble and clean!  Your maintenance job won't be a hassle anymore.
  • Φ5.1xH13inch, 4.5L capacity designed for tanks size up to 40gal.  Ø17 mm intake and output openings that operate on 5/8''ID (16/22 mm) hose.  Comes with hose clips (x 4), O-ring (x1), and strainer (x2).  No hose, no pump base, and no inflow and outflow pipes.  All these accessories are available for purchase on our store
  • All our SS canister filters are sold without DC pumps. Customers can choose from a wide-range of DC pumps based on your aquarium size and fish load. For model 4.5L, we recommend FZONE FZ-DC550 pump. In comparison, our external DC pumps are lot more powerful than the traditional all-in-one canister filter, such as the Eheim or the Fluval.

Product Description

Filtering an aquarium is one of the most crucial components that keep plants healthy & attractive as well as livestock. In nature, water is filtered through layers of soil, sand, rock, and other natural materials like leaves. In-home aquaria we can replicate this through external filters for the long-term health of your aquarium & its inhabitants. The Fzone Canister Filter is a high capacity external filter that allows stable growth of beneficial bacteria aiding in crystal clear water. The Fzone SS Filter is made from solid stainless-steel materials for all the components making it nearly indescribable & highly durable ensuring it will last you a lifetime.

Designed from Japanese ADA's Jet Filter.

Fzone SS filter canisters are designed from Japanese ADA's Jet Filter. It is an external filter made of 3mm thickness 304 stainless steel, never rust. It is designed for disassembly for easy maintenance. It can be widely used for breeding fish and growing aquatic plants.


  • Size: Φ5.1xH13inch, 4.5L
  • Ideal for tanks size less than 40gal
  • Ø17mm (requires 5/8''ID hose) Intake and output openings

Package Included

  • Main canister Body
  • Canister top pannel
  • stainer x2
  • Sealing Oring x1
  • hose clips x 4

Pump Details

Quick Release Clips for Easy Disassembling

Filter top secured by the quick release clips and are extremely easy to unlock for hazzle-free maintenance

Made of 304 stainless steels

FZONE SS filter is made of 100% rust-free grade 304 stainless steels. The filter will always be slick and shiny

Pump Installed on the top of the SS filter

Pump must be purchased separately as it is NOT included with the SS filter

  • Fzone DC550
  • FZONE special acrylic pump base

Pump and pump base are optional

The Fzone Stainless Steel Canister Filters do not include water pumps, filter media, vinyl tubing, or pump base. Customers can choose their own accessories to meet specific needs.

We recommend Fzone DC pumps for our SS filter

  1. Sinewave DC pump, super quiet.
  2. Flowrate adjustable.
  3. Smart controller (included several wave-making functions)

NOTICE: Not all pump and pump bases will fit the SS filter. Always choose the recommended pump based on filter sizes.

Size(inch) Φ5.1xH13 Φ7xH15.7 Φ8.7xH15.7 Φ10xH15.7
Inlet x1 x1 x1 x2
For Tanks <40gal <70gal <120gal <160gal
Inlet Size Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose
Outlet Size Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø17mm suite for 5/8''ID hose Ø20mm suite for 3/4''ID hose
Pump Recommended FZ DC550 FZ DC800 FZ DC800 FZ DC1350 / KY DC6000