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Fyeme Fish Tank Water Suction Machine Siphon Pump Cleaning Pump Aquarium Vacuum Cleaner Sand and Stone Cleaning Fish Tank Water Suction Device

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  • Keep the aquarium clean and provide a good living environment for your fish.
  • Easy to use, just squeeze the pump and water will flow from the tank into the bucket.
  • The long straight handle is easy to operate, so you can keep your hands dry.
  • The head is specially designed for gravel cleaning and you can dig it directly into the gravel.
  • The aquarium cleaning pump is a good helper for changing water and cleaning gravel.

Material: Plastic
Fish Tank Water Change Pipe: 1.4m
Compression Pump Size: 12 * 5 * 5cm
Water Suction Port: Easy To Clean, While Preventing The Inhalation Of Sand And Dirt.
Flow Control: Pinch Here To Control The Flow Of Water.
Suction Ball: Press Here To Form A Water Stream.

1.100% Brand New And High Quality
2. Keep The Aquarium Clean And Provide A Good Living Environment For Your Fish
3. Excellent Assistant To Change Water And Clean Gravel.
4. Using This Tool, You Can Remove The Dirt On The Bottom Of The Aquarium.
5. Made Of High-Quality Materials, Durable And Easy To Use.

1. The Water Level Of The Water Inlet Must Be Higher Than The Water Level Of The Water Outlet.
2. Too Fine Sand Will Be Sucked Away, Which Can Be Avoided By Controlling The Water Flow When Using It.
3. The Water Cannot Be Completely Drained.
4. Put The Suction Port Into The Fish Tank.
5. As Shown In The Picture, The Water Outlet Is Located Below The Water Surface.
6. Continue To Press The Blue Suction Ball Until The Water Flow Is Formed And Stops.

Package Included:
1pc Fish Tank Water Changer