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Fyeme Bird Parrot Swing Toys, Chewing Standing Hanging Perch Hammock Climbing Ladder Bird Cage Toys for Anchovies, Para

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  • 7 pieces of bird cage toy set, including 1 coconut bird nest with ladder, 1 spiral bead ladder, 1 hammock with bell, 1 perch, 1 bird hanging string, 1 five-pointed star pendant, 1 bell Pendant. A variety of toys to meet the fun needs of birds.
  • These parrot chew toys are made of 100% natural wood, sisal rope and polished chain, no pigment, safe, environmentally friendly and durable.
  • This bird jump toy is designed with different elements such as coconut shell, wooden ladder, crisp bell and so on.
  • The wood material is safe and can be pecked by birds; when the birds flew up and climbed, the metal clock made a clear sound.
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized birds, such as parakeets, macaws, budgie, parrotlets, cockatiels, conures, parrots, love birds, finches, canary.

Material: coconut shell + wood
Coconut bird nest with ladder: 56 x 6 cm (length x aperture)
Coconut shell size height: 12 cm
Hammock with bell: 18 cm
Spiral bead ladder: 28 cm
Perch stand: 17 cm
Bell pendant: 17.5 cm
Five-pointed star pendant: 27 cm
Bird hanging string: 11.5 cm

1.Have fun and exercise: the rocking toy unique to this parrot is in line with the nature of birds that pecker. They are easy to attract birds, allowing them to exercise and strengthen their muscles by swinging, playing and climbing.
2.Convenient installation: each parrot hanging toy is equipped with a movable hook on the top, which is convenient for clamping and installing on the cage. Decorate the bird cage with these bird toys.

1.Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.
2.Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement. Thank you for your understanding.

Package includes:
1 x Coconut bird nest with ladder
1 x Spiral bead ladder
1 x Hammock with bell
1 x Perch stand
1 x Bird hanging string
1 x Five-pointed star pendant
1 x Bell pendant