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Furpezoo Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small Medium Large Dog,Dog Crate Mattress with Memory Foam, Washable Dog Bed of Comfortable Rose Plush Beds with Removable Cover, White

Furpezoo Orthopedic Dog Bed for Small Medium Large Dog,Dog Crate Mattress with Memory Foam, Washable Dog Bed of Comfortable Rose Plush Beds with Removable Cover, White

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  • 🐾【Comfortable & Durable fabric】Our Furpezoo dog bed uses a unique Rose-Shaped Plush Fabric, which is Soft and Comfortable, bringing extra comfort to your four-legged companion every night. The unique design of the side herringbone fabric is wear-resistant and dirt-resistant. The perfect neutral, cozy color to match your home decor and conceal your dog’s fur. This trendy high-quality dog bed combination is suitable for any room decoration.
  • 🐾【Good Support---Memory Foam】 Furpezoo dog crates bed can evenly distribute pet’s weight to alleviate pressure on joints & bony areas. This 2cm memory foam + 5cm sponge is softer than a solid foam and is also insulating. It can help your furry friends keep warm and cozy in their sleep. The foam also has a shock-absorbing effect, which is beneficial for older dogs, especially those with arthritis, recovering from surgery, or suffering from other mobility issues.
  • 🐾【Smart design details】① The L-shaped zipper (1 long side + 1 short side) on the outer cover is designed for quick assembly or simply remove for washing. Just throw it in the wash and it’ll be good as new. ②The non-slip bottom with rubber dots can be placed on any floor to ensure stability and prevent pets from slips and falls.
  • 🐾【Versatile dog bed】 This product applied to dogs, cats or other pets under 66ibs (30KG) and (35"x22"x2.8") size rectangle shaped mattress also fit for any elevated dog bed, cage, pet house, or dog bed trampoline - Your buddies will definitely love lounging on this cozy dog bedding in your room instead of the cold hardwood floor, even your kids like to snuggle with your fur baby.
  • 🐾【Note】This Furpezoo dog mat adopts a Vacuum Compression Package for Transportation, so It will take hours to fully expand when unrolled from its packing. SUGGESTION please tap the liner to help the liner return to a full state as soon as possible! Your dog bed may have an odor upon arrival which will dissipate fairly quickly. For speed up the process, you can air it in outside or a garage, or open the windows. NOT SUITABLE for pets with excessive teething or destructive chewing behavior.

Product Description

When Should Need Memory Foam Dog Bed

  • if your old dog suffers from joint pain and takes longer to get up.
  • if your puppy has a protruding joint due to hip dysplasia.
  • If you want your dog to have the same comfortable sleeping environment as you.

Why choose our orthopedic dog crate bed?

  • It can eliminate pressure points and relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • The L-shaped zipper has been specially developed for quick assembly or removal for washing.
  • Waterproof and non-slip bottom to ensure the safety of pets' sleep.
  • Can be used with raised beds and dog crates.
  • The unique rose velvet flower shape perks up your room.


  • Product name: Furpezoo Washable Orthopedic Dog Bed
  • Model: RMF-W01M/RMF-W01L/RMF-W01XL
  • Color: White+Gray
  • Fabric material: Rose Shaped Plush + Herringbone Woolen Cloth
  • Inner material: Memory Foam + Spong.
  • Size:35" L×22" W×2.8" H(89×56×7cm)
  • Package includes: 1 x Memory Foam + Sponge liner, 1 x Non-slip Cover

Furpezoo Notes:

  • After opening the packaging, It will take hours to fully expand once unrolled from its packing. you can zip apart the cloth cover, take the inner filling out, tap/shake it slightly to fluff it up, let the memory foam inhale the air, help rebound to its good shape quickly!
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