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Fresh Kitty

Fresh Kitty Durable XL Jumbo Foam Litter Mat – Phthalate and BPA Free, Water Resistant, Traps Litter from Box, Scatter Control, Easy Clean Mats – Chevron, Blue/White Chevron (9035)

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  • The Fresh Kitty Decorative Foam Litter Mat from Royal Pet is an unobtrusive soft mat that helps catch loose litter and prevents it from being tracked throughout the house
  • Ribbed foam will help protect your floor and catches litter
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain this mat is a simple solution to messy kitties
  • Also works for messy birds guinea pigs and to catch other pet debris to keep your home tidy
  • Measures 40" x 25" to protect the entire area surrounding the litter box | Color Blue & white chevrons
  • Included Components: Foam Litter Mat- Blue & White Chevron