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Fovolat Large Cat Mats for Litter Cat Litter Catcher Mat 45 X 60Cm/17 X 23.6Inch Folding Cat Rug Kitten Litter Mat Litter Box Mat for Kittens Cat Popular

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  • High-grade Material: Cats will like to step on Our Large Diamond Cat Litter Trapping Mats, which are made of high-quality EVA, mild for sensitive cat paws.
  • Simple to Clean: This Anti-Tracking Cat Litter Catcher Mat is convenient to clean, and can be simply washed with water. It is reusable after washing.
  • Great Mat for Collecting Litter: These Cat Litter Mats are large enough to cover the cat's dustbin area, they can help you catch scattered litter, and no longer stick garbage to your feet.
  • Water-resisting and Urine Proof: No need to worry about your hardwood flooring and carpets will be urine if you use the Double-Laye/Single Layer Large Litter Mat, In addition, the bottom layer will not slide, and it will stay in one place after place.
  • Unique Design: Larger Cat Mats are different from the traditional cat litter mats, they have special diamond-shaped holes, which can trap each piece of cat litter. The cover of the cat litter mat is very suitable for cats to scratch.


The Cat Litter Mat is made of high-quality material that is very safe for cats and kittens to use.

1. Reusable and easy to clean.

2. Good for capturing the scattered cat litter.

3. Water-resisting and urine-proof.

4. Anti-slip, protect your hardwood floor from being stained by urine or water.


Material: EVA

Size: about 45*60cm/17*23.6inch

Packing list:

1pc cat litter mat