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FLONOZZ Timothy Hay Sticks, 20 Pcs Rabbit Chews for Teeth, Pet Chews, Natural Chinchilla Chews, Three Flavors

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  • Pet Chews: Chews act as a tartar and plaque remover for teeth, promoting dental care.
  • Healthy Snacks: Satisfying chews made from pastured grass-fed beef and low moisture content to reduce odor while chewing.
  • No-Hide Chews: A great alternative to rawhide chews, this delicious tooth cleaner doesn't have any breakable bones.
  • SINGLE INGREDIENTS: Our natural dog treats are free of preservatives, artificial flavors, additives, hormones and other harmful ingredients.
  • Natural Quality Materials: They are high fiber, low protein, and calcium-containing forages that can be used to supplement the daily nutritional needs of hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, and other rodents.

1.Safe Timothy Hay Sticks: these chew sticks select safe timothy grass as materials after washing, grinding, and timothy hay for rabbit high temperature drying to make a snack for small animals;
2.Tasty and Nutritious: your rabbits will be very happy to eat these chew toys, and these timothy hay sticks are not only tasty but also full of rich nutrition;
3.Healthy Pet Gifts: your pets need to chew frequently to let them develop chewing habits which can protect dental health and avoid them biting your furniture and carpets.
4.Easy to Carry and Store: the clean and baked timothy hay sticks are easy to carry and store in your bag; 5.These timothy hay sticks chew treats are not ordinary styles, they add three exquisite petals of rose, marigold and Forget me not (10 pieces of each flavor).