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Fischuel Reptile Heat Lamp,Heating Lamp with Clamp, Adjustable Habitat Basking Heat Lamp ,UVA/UVB Light Lamp 360° Rotatable Clip and Dimmable Switch for Aquarium(Bulb Included) (E27,110V)

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  • 😉 - Replacement Bulbs:Provides two E27 bulbs 25W&50W,which has UVA/B that simulate sunlight. The Ceramic socket which can withstand constant high heat. Suitable for incandescent, fluorescent, UV bulbs, and ceramic heat emitters.
  • 💁 - Easy to Use: Just choose the right spot, and fix the clip firmly that the fixture is securely attached and aimed at your pet’s favorite basking spot.
  • 🚀 - Multiple Custom Adjustment Modes:A good sized 40-inch power cord has a dimmable switch allows you to simulate the natural sun and help to adjust the biological clock through brightness and temperature.
  • 🌟 - Flexible Designed:Extramely flexible 11-inch goose-neck can be rotated in 360 degrees, and securely clipped onto a terrarium.
  • 👀 - Use Range:Suitable for most reptiles, birds, amphibians and succulent plant.

Product Description

Non-regret Purchase

Fischuel is committed to providing customers with sincere help and high quality products. If there is any problem or you have questions in 12 months, we are here at all : )

About us

How should the bulbs with different wattage be applied

We provided 2 kinds of different bulbs —— 25W & 50W UV bulbs for you to choose whatever you want, according to most suitable temperature adjusting for pets. For example,the ideal temperature range at which to keep these tortoises would be 25-35°C (77-95ºF), with a basking spot up to 45ºC (113ºF).

The temperatures average at specified distances,may vary based on size,height or type of enclosure.

  • Heating Lamp X1
  • UVA/B 25W Bulb X1
  • UVA/B 50W Bulb X1

UV Bulb

Two bulbs 25W&50W,which has UVA/B that simulate sunlight.

Dimmable Switch

Easy to adjust for prime heating and lighting.

Strong safety clamp

Clip-on design is very easy to set up and attach to a terrarium.


The fully adjustable, bendy arm allows you to position your light wherever you’d like.