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Feltcave Cat Cave Bed, Handmade Covered Cat Bed Cave, Wooly Cave for Cats, Dome Shaped Cat Pod, Cat Beds & Furniture, Felt Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

Feltcave Cat Cave Bed, Handmade Covered Cat Bed Cave, Wooly Cave for Cats, Dome Shaped Cat Pod, Cat Beds & Furniture, Felt Cat Beds for Indoor Cats

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  • SPACIOUS & COMFY: Our premium cat caves for indoor cats serve as a modern, cozy cat hideaway made from felted wool. It’s made from soft, flexible felt, the ideal cat hideaway.
  • FOR CATS OF ALL SIZES: This eco cat bed is for all cat sizes, from kittens and medium cats to large cats up to 15 lbs. The entrance hole of our felt cat cave bed can be expanded if needed.
  • HANDMADE & ALL NATURAL: Each wool cat cave is handcrafted by crafters in Nepal from 100% wool, which is safe for your kitty. Our cat nest is the most ethical cat cocoon you will find.
  • KEEPS ITS SHAPE: Our wool cat bed is felted from wool which makes this cat dome durable and allow our felt cat bed to keep your cat covered in its dome shape and look great in your house.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our cat hideouts for indoor cats repel odor and stains. Light cleaning can be done on the large cat cave wool using a vacuum, or wash with water and let the felt bed air dry.

Product Description

From The Mountains of Nepal to Your Lounge, Hand-Made With Love

At Feltcave, our mission was to create a cat bed adored by cats. We wanted to create a sustainable cat bed both beautiful and functional.

Far away in the mountains of Nepal, our Nepalese artisans craft our cat cave 100% by hand, and that they earn a fair wage.

Just one year after launch, the Feltcave has been sold to over 10,000 customers worldwide, allowing us to support countless Nepalese families. Cats absolutely love our product, and the Feltcave brand stands out for its quality and craftmanship.

What Makes Feltcave The Ultimate Cat Cave?

A variety of stunning just-as-pictured colors

Our natural dyes come in vibrant shades as well as muted tones to suit your home.

And yes, in real life the colors look exactly like they do in the pictures, and even better!

Ergonomically crafted for maximum comfort

Keeps its cave shape thanks to the thickness of the fabric and quality of craftsmanship.

Shaped for maximum coziness with ease of entry and exit.

Hand-selected merino wool

We use the very best quality merino wool.

You and your cat will notice the difference the moment your Feltcave comes out of the box.

Easy to wash and clean

Simply wash with warm water & detergent and let it air dry. Your cat cave will be just like new.

Fits kittens & cats up to 15 lbs

The perfect cozy spot for kittens and cats up to 15 lbs (and sometimes more) to fit comfortably inside.

100% natural & handmade

We care about the environment and your cat. Our products are all natural and completely hand made.

Bonus mouse toy

We wanted to keep it a surprise, but our reviewers have let the cat out of the bag! The free mouse toy of wool is loved by thousands of cats worldwide.

Material 100% Wool 100% Wool 100% Wool
Cat size Up to 15 lbs Up to 25 lbs All
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