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Feiradevaidade Filter Material Fish Pond Koi Fish Pond Filter System Brush

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Actual Color
  • Perfect for cleaning the interior of assorted hoses.
  • It is flexible and long, making the hose cleaner suitable for kinds of tubing's diameter.
  • Ideal for cleaning water pump, filters, Pipe, Connector, and other hard to reach places.

Product length: 30CM; the bottom ring of 40CM is not included in the length, and the error is about 2cm

The function of physical filtration and biochemical filtration of the purification brush.

In the same volume of filter tank / filter tank, the effect of filtering and stabilizing water quality is more significant.

It is suitable for drip filtration of overflow filter box, with strong filtration and adsorption, and can provide a good environment for mass reproduction of biochemical bacteria. condition.

The key to the improvement of water quality is the starting point.