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Ephoria Pet Cage Cleaner Tool,13-Piece Cleaning Tools for Cat Dog Rabbit Hamster Guinea Pig Bird Parrot Lizard for Pets Cages Playpen Bedding Brush Rag Manure Shovel with Storage Bag

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  • ? Complete Cleaning Kit: The pet cleaning kit contains a total of 13 products. 1 x small and flat handheld broom and dustpan set. 1x Sponge brush. 1x Brush with shovel. 1x cleaning cloth. 1x Stiff brush. 5 x Cleaning gloves. 1x Storage bag. 1x Storage bag with drawstring. 1x Manure shovel. 1x Watering can with lock switch. 1x Small garbage bag. 1xPlastic tweezers. 10 x Cage base cover. 1x Manure cleaning clip.They can be applied to the cleaning of pet cages.
  • ? Uitable for All Cages:All cleaning tools are perfectly sized. You can enter the corners of small pet cages, fences, toys, playpens and bedding. All pet cages can find more effective cleaning methods. Helps keep pets playing and sleeping areas free of fallen hair, spilled food, and feces.It is helpful to raise your small animals, such as puppies and kittens. Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters, hedgehogs, ferrets, sugar gliders, chinchillas, etc.
  • ? Multi-Scene Use:You can use this cleaning kit at home, you can also use it outdoors. When you hang out with pets. You can use this storage bag to carry some tools. Such as garbage bags, tweezers, fecal clamps. This makes it easier to clean up pet feces and wasted food. Better protection of environmental sanitation.
  • ? The pet cleaning kit can be suitable for cleaning in various scenes. You can use the small broom and dustpan again after cleaning. Wipe with a cleaning cloth. You can also put clean water in the watering can to achieve a better cleaning effect. Small garbage is enough for cleaning and tidying up at one time. After cleaning, cover the base with the film.
  • ? You only need to sell one set. It can meet all the cleaning of pets' daily life. You can use it to clean cages, fences, pet nests, pet beds ect. If you encounter any problems in use. You can contact us and we will definitely help you as much as possible.

Small animal cleaning kit. You only need to buy it once. It can meet the cleaning needs of most pets. For example, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, hedgehogs, hamsters, chinchillas, rabbits, reptiles and other animals. You can use them to clean pet cages, fences, beds, nests, etc.Features:1: Durable: made of high-quality plastic. Durable. Not easy to damage. Can be used for a long time.2: Rich package: a set of 13 models. Can meet most of the cleaning needs.3: Easy to use: All products are easy to use, and children can also use it. You can clean the tools directly with water, and you can continue to use them after they are dried.4Convenient storage: After the tool is used, it can be packed in a storage bag. When you go out, you can put the tools in the storage bag.Package Include:1 piece small and flat handheld broom and dustpan set1 piece Sponge brush1 piece Brush with shovel.1 piece cleaning cloth. 1 piece Stiff brush. 5 piece Cleaning gloves. 1 piece Storage bag. 1 piece Storage bag with drawstring.1 piece Manure shovel. 1 piece Watering can with lock switch. 1piece Small garbage bag. 1 piece Plastic tweezers. 10 piece Cage base cover. 1piece Manure cleaning clip.