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ECO BEDDING Fibercore for Small Pet, 3 Lb, Brown

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  • HAPPY HOME: Eco Bedding provides great environmental enrichment for many small pets including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds, ferrets, mice, rats, and even puppies.
  • LESS STRESS: Eco Bedding's unique interlocking crinkle paper encourages and helps with natural burrowing, foraging, and nesting activities, which can help reduce stress and stress-related illnesses and behaviors with animals.
  • PREMIUM PAPER: Our bedding is dust-free, which makes it a safer option than hay, straw, or wood chips. It’s made out of 100% recycled stock paper.
  • SANITARY: Our Eco Bedding is highly absorbent and is designed to make cleaning up easier. You’re able to spot clean without the soiled bedding sticking which creates neater cage and crate areas.
  • WORKING TOGETHER: We care about our community as much we care about the livelihood of animals and the planet. Eco Bedding is a packed with the help of a remarkable group of adults with disabilities through several county programs in Northeast Ohio.