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Drymate, Cat Litter Mat, Extra Large, Tan Paw

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  • Perfect for multiple cat household.
  • Absorbent fabric catches litter box " Misses."
  • Protects floors.
  • Soft surface is easy on the paws.
  • Reduces litter tracking.
  • Provides safe non-slip footing.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  • 50 percent recycled material.

Cat litter mats litterless floors. Today floors resemble beachfront property that's not sand. That's kitty litter. As proud pet parents, we love our feline family members despite the " little things." cat parentdom has many wonderful aspects floors submerged in cat litter are not one of those wonders. Chances are, if your cat is tracking litter throughout the house, you are too. The ridged material gently separates cats' paws when they land on it, causing litter to release from their paws. Litter is trapped within the ridges of the mat, reducing tracking throughout your home. The backing adds layer of cushioning to ensure a soft landing for your pet. Made with the same waterproof backing as our original litter mat, floors are protected from litter box misses and accidents.