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Dri-Dek Dog & Cat Kennel Cage Liner, Veterinarian or Groomer Flooring - 1'X1' Interlocking Tiles - 12-Pack (Green)

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  • Keeps Pets Clean, Comfortable and Dry
  • Dri-Dek Tiles, Sheets & Rolls just snap together to make a surface of any size or shape.
  • The patented self-draining surface is perfect for kennels.
  • Flexible, Durable, Easy to Install, Trims to Fit.

Dri-Dek kennel liner keeps pets drier, cleaner and more comfortable. Its unique elevated flow-through design drains liquids and circulates air to dry moisture. Each 1’ x 1’ cushioned tile is packed with pet-safe materials to reduce calluses. Dri-Dek interlocking tiles trim to fit any size or shape. Over 5,000 veterinarians world-wide use Dri-Dek, your pets will be glad you did.