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Dooradar Cat Tree Cat Tower, 39-Inch Cat Condo with Hammock, Basket Cradle, Scratching Posts & Climbing Ladder for Indoor Cats to Play & Rest, 3-Tier Kitten Kitty Activity Center Pet Stand House, Gray

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  • Pet-friendly Quality Material: The cat tree is composed of selected P2-grade wood board with skin-friendly faux fur covering, ensuring the overall sturdiness while non-toxic release. Total load capacity up to 110 lbs, no more wobbling even when more than one cats playing on this cat tree at the same time. The cat tower meets the cat lovers’ need of raising multiple cats, providing a healthy and sweet home for indoor cats to play and rest
  • No More Scratching of Furniture: Are you bothered by cat’s sharp claws? 5 scratching posts wrapped with natural sisal ropes on this kitten tower are perfect solution for you. Those scratching posts can withstand cats continuously scratching for months and develop their positive scratching behavior, no more scratching of your delicate furniture. A right place to grind cat’s sharp claws and satisfy their scratching urge
  • All-in-one Spot for Comfy and Privacy: Multi-level design offers tons of activity areas for cats. The top perch let cats enjoy the feeling of be in high and offer a higher bird view with their endless curiosity; Warm condo to rest without disruption while add their sense of security; Hanging cradle tenderly holds cats like a lover's hug. Cats will enjoy to stay on this cat tower all day and do anything she loves, from lounging to leaping to honing her expert hunting skills
  • Cat Activity Center for More Fun: The cat tower features climbing ladder, 5 sisal-rope scratching posts and 1 furry balls with cute little bell for multiple forms of play and relaxation. The climbing ladder provides a stand for cats to climb up and down; A teasing furry ball is ready for your cat to enjoy the thrill of hunting it back and forth. All of those away your cat from bored, keep them active and be entertained
  • Easy to Assemble & Durable Structure: With setup instructions and tools, it is fairly easy to assemble and doesn’t take too much floor space. Its attractive look can be compatible with any room decor as a piece of nice pet furniture. The anti-topping set support secure the cat tree to wall for more stability, no more need to worry about of the unexpected tipping or falling.

Product Description

Dooradar 39” Cat Tree Tower with Condo, Hammock, Basket, Top Perch, Climbing Ladder And Scratching Posts

When researching cats behavior, we found that cats love elevation, comfortable retreats, areas to groom, and items of entertainment. So we made this cat tree tower that can fully cater to the cat’s natural instincts and allow kittens to enjoy these conveniences without go outside.

We selected high-quality P2 particle board, natural sisal, and skin-friendly soft plush covering to build this cat tree, which are aimming to bring a cozy and safe living home for your kittens.

Dooradar Multi-Level Cat Tree Tower - Activity Center To Keep Cats Be Entertained!

When designed this cat tree, we consider every details of your kitten in mind. Those details bring a cozy home to companion your cat's growth.

Multi-Level Design: Multi-level structure with roomy condo, spacious top perch, cozy hammock, fluffy basket, durable scratching posts, funny ladder and hanging toys, this cat tree provides multiple places for your feline friends to play, take a nap or jump around.

Funny Ladder: The funny ladder allow the cats to jump up and down to stretch up their body. It will not only provide space for they to play, but also meet their climbing nature.

Durable Scratching Post: Wrapped with durable natural sisal ropes, these scratching posts are strong enough to withstand cat’s constantly scratches. Free up your furniture from scratching.

A Safe & Healthy Cat Furniture With High-Quality Material!

Stable Base

The reinforced large base will increase stability. Load capacity up to 110 lbs, this cat tree tower allowing to accommodate more than one cat to play at the same time.

Soft Plush Covering

Covered with high quality faux fur covering, this cat tree will not cause any discomfort to the cat’s sensitive nose and skin, always providing the warmest and cosy experience for kittens.

Safety Wall Strap

Comes with a strap to secure this cat tree to wall for added security. No more need to worry about the damage from unexpected tipping when your cat's play around it.

P2 Particle Wood Boards

The high-quality P2 grade particleboard which without any odor or toxic chemicals release, providing a healthy and safe living home for your kittens.

Luxury Top Perch

Cats like to climb to high places and stay there. So the top perch offers the best view for kittens to observe their surroundings. Let your kittens enjoy the feeling of being at the top of the world on their castle!

Cuddly Cave with Double Door

Cats like to hide to observe their surrounding. So this condo offers a comfortable and quite space for your cat to nap without any disruption. Double door allow kitties freely move in and out.

Comfortable Hanging Basket & Jingle Ball

Curled up in the fluffy basket make the kittens feel more secure and comfortable. Carefully placed jingle balls give kitty the thrill of the hunt as she bats them back and forth.

Cozy & Funny Hammock

A lounging and curling up place for your feline friends with the cozy hammock. Cats will enjoy lying in the hammock with ease, or playing on there when you not at home. No more lonely or boring feeling for your kittens even when you not at home.

Dooradar 39" Cat Tree Tower with Condo

The cat tree makes cats full of joy as they grow up. But please notice this tips for a safety use:

  1. Keep the cat tree dry and away from fire.
  2. Please don't let your kids climb the cat tree.
  3. This cat tree is suitable for small and medium cats. Please make sure the size and the maximum load capacity of the product fit your pet.


Overall Product Weight: 22 lbs. (10 kg)

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H): 19.6" x 19.6” x 38" (50 x 50 x 99cm)

Package inlcudes: 1x Cat Tree ;1x Installation Manual;1x Assembly Tool Set

Color Gray Gray Light Grey Black
Material P2 Particle Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope P2 Particle Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope P2 Particle Board, Plush Fabric, Sisal Rope Air-mesh Fabric Vest andy Nylon Leash
Size 19.6"L x 19.6” W x 38" H 26.3” L x 19.6” W x 61” H 19.6" L x 17.7" W x 38.1" H Neck Girth: 8.5 -11 Inches; Chest Girth: 13.5 - 16 Inches
Key Features Large Condo & Top Perch for Rest and Sleep, Fun Hanging Balls for Play, Ladder for Climb, Multiple Scratching Post, Leisure Hammock 5-tier Multiple Level for Much Fun, Large Condo & Top Perch for Rest and Sleep, Fun Hanging Balls for Play, Ladder for Climb, Multiple Scratching Post, Leisure Hammock Flexible Adjustable Base for Multiple Fun, Large Condo & Top Perch & Basket for Rest, Ball Toy & Hanging Ball for Play, Multiple Scratching Posts for Daily Scratch Need