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Dono Disposable Pet Diapers Female Dogs 2018 Super Absorbent Soft Heating Pee Diapers Liners XXS-M, Including 14-20Count Puppy Diapers Dogs Cats

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  • MADE TO FIT: Dono disposable female dog diapers with super absorbent core give comfortable, secure fit and specifically designed to fit female dogs, dogs with 7 – 11” waists, weighing between 1,1 – 4.4pounds, please check the sizing chart and choose the suitable size for your doggie
  • SUPER ABSORBENT & LEAK-PROOF BARRIERS: The super absorbent core of these diapers are specifically designed to hold up water well and lock in all moisture, also have leak-proof protection barriers
  • DISCREET PROTECTION: For dogs who suffer from incontinence, puppy training, for females in heat, surgery recovery, excitable urination, and travel, these diapers are perfect for any occasion
  • CONVENIENT WEARING: Female puppy diaper made from lightweight microfiber fabric and the reattached fasteners allow for individual adjustment and easy to wear
  • FOR FEMALE DOGS: If you need girl dog diapers then Dono disposable diapers are the best choice for you. a perfect solution to wrap up your pet and keep your home clean and sanitary

Product Description

Dono Pet Disposable Puppy Dog Diaper fit dogs for waist size 7"-20" and weight 1-24 lb, ideal for female dogs and cats in heat, dogs with urinary incontinence and excitable urination to absorb wetness and eliminate messes.

Details of Dog Diapers Female Wraps

Fur-Safe Fasteners

The super absorbent core of our Dono female diapers are specifically designed to lock in all moisture within.

Leak-Proof Protection

The super absorbent core of our Dono female diapers are specifically designed to lock in all moisture within.

Super Absorbent

The super absorbent core locks in all moisture, and will lock the moisture in the disposable wraps to prevent spread and backflow.

Fit with Tail Hole

The unique, stretchable fabric that fits comfortably around even the most active pet, giving you peace of mind.

How to Properly Use Female Diapers

1.Open the diaper, the end with the diaper hole is the back.

2, Ship diaper hole over. with tabs underneath and padding facing in slip the hole of the diaper over your dog's tail.

3, Position the diaper between the back legs and snug against the dog's underbelly.

4, Secure the Adjustable tabs. Secure the adjustable tabs on the top position of the diaper and let your dog be free.

Dono Diapers Provide Help All TheTime For Dogs

Perfect for Female Dogs in Heat

Unspayed female dogs go into a heat cycle twice a year on average. It can be a distressing time for you and your pet.

Accompany Your Dog When Travelling

When you are driving or traveling, take several bags of our female dog nappies for travel comfort and mess prevention.

Good Choice for Dogs in Continence

When the dog is sick, it's too weak and incontinent, are you sad? Our female dog nappies solve all the problems.

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