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Dono Disposable Dog Diapers Male-Dogs Jeans Super Absorbent Soft Pet Diapers Doggie Wraps for Male Puppy Dogs 18Pcs,Leak Protection Excitable Urination or Incontinence

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  • Fit For: Designed to fit male dogs. These wraps fit male dogs that waist size 12-19 " inches unique Fashion jeans pet diaper, ideal for male dogs with all types waist, please choose the best suitable size as per our size table, Keep your little buddy comfy and dry, and your mind at ease.
  • Amazing Comfort: Adjustable hook and loop magic tape waist and stretchable waistband with elastic edges that allow for freedom of movement and leg lifting comfort. put one magic tape to frontal tape and it cannot easily be torn off, which is specially designed for convenience.
  • Super Absorbent: The super absorbent core of these wraps are specifically designed to lock in all moisture within the diaper while keeping the dog dry and working every time.
  • Best Protection: Perfect for male dogs who are house training or experiencing excitable urination, They are a perfect solution for an easy and quick way to wrap up your pet and keep your home clean and sanitary.
  • 100% AFTER-SALES SERVICES: DONO disposable bands for male dogs are a good choice for you. If you have any problems, please contact me.

Product Description

Simple 4 Steps, Let's Do a Small Experiment

1, Water Preparation Test

2, Large Capacity Diapers Begin to Absorb

3, Internal Measurement Dry, Absorbed

4, Firmly Lock the Water

For a comfort fit every time, follow these 2 simple steps:

1, Position the wraps so the absorbent pad covers your dog's genitals

2, Pull the adjustable closures around his back and fasten for a secure fit

Dog Diapers Male Sizing Chart:

XS: Waist size 6" to13",15cm-33cm

S: Waist Size 12" to 19",30-48cm

M: Waist Size 18" to 25",45-63cm

Keep Our Patience and Growth for Dogs

Excitable Urination

Pets may cause unnecessary urination around the house. With our easy-to-use disposable diapers, you can protect your floors, furniture and guests in your home from unnecessary urination


It is a good choice for both you and your dog to provide your pet with our disposable diaper to help your dog lose control of incontinence when they are old or young


There's no need to worry about a dog making a mess in a car, on a plane or in a hotel room. Our disposable diapers will help you solve this W. You and your pet will travel in comfort!

Dog Training

Training problems cause more urination than unnecessary. Use our easy-to-use disposable diapers for easy handling of outdoor training issues

PACKAGE Pack of 3 Pack of 3 Pack of 3
EASY TO WASH Disposable Disposable Disposable Reusable Diaper Reusable Diaper Reusable Diaper
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