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Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers Reduce Plaque & Tartar—Tough Natural Rubber Squeaky Toys—Dog Toys for Large Dogs Aggressive Chewers—Useful Toothbrush for Dogs—Dog Chew Toys for Large/Medium Breed

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  • [đŸ¶Felix says: NATURAL AND SAFE☘] As a professional pet products retailer, Felixhom has always made the health and safety of our dogs a fundamental aspect of their products’ design. This squeaky chew toy is made of natural rubber, making it safe and non-toxic. And no matter how I bite it, it won't hurt me. Plus, there are a lot of raised rubber cubes that allow me to clean my teeth very easily with every bite.
  • [đŸ¶Felix says: Amazing design👍] The design is unique because each dog has different sized mouths, and the shape of the mouth will change as we grow. At the same time, in order to protect canine gums from harm, this castle toy uses a conical shape. One side is thin and the other is thick, making this design well adapted to dogs of different ages and mouth shapes. This pet toy also adds a natural milk scent with a sweet taste that dogs love, causing them to happily bite and chew for hours.
  • [đŸ¶Felix says:Love so much💗]I believe that as long as your pet has this toy, they’ll be the best of friends, and won’t be able to leave each other for one moment. By playing together, your dog will become both physically and mentally healthier, allowing you to enjoy your dog for many more years to come.
  • [đŸ¶Felix says: MultifunctionđŸŠ·đŸ—âšœ] This squeaky toy has a lot of different features, including several bumps on the surface that not only thoroughly clean your pet’s teeth, but also act as a means to relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety by providing a healthy outlet for your dog’s need to bite. I speak from experience, because every time I bite, the toy makes a really fun “squeaking” sound that I love and just can’t get enough of! Plus, it makes for an excellent training tool.
  • [đŸ¶Free Replacement] Because too hard material will cause great damage to your dog’s teeth, finally we chose a material with a hardness similar to the bone. This is why sometimes you will see some dogs with strong bite force, such as pitbull, that will bite part of the toy, but this does not affect the continued using. On the contrary, this protects your dog's teeth very well. But if you think your dog bites the toy and affects the use, please contact us, we provide free replacement service!