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Disposable Rabbit Cage Liner, Clear Plastic Bunny Cage Liner Bag Universal Toilet Film for Bunny Hamster Totoro Hedgehog and Small Animals Cage…

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  • Packaging: You will get 50 disposable film bags, which are used to collect debris on the pet cage tray, which is hygienic and environmentally friendly, and maintains the cleanliness and health of small animals.
  • Material: The inner lining material of the disposable rabbit cage is made of thicker and more wear-resistant plastic film, the transparent color is more beautiful, and it is also convenient to observe the pet's excretion status.
  • Large size: The disposable rabbit cage cushion has elastic band edging, the stretch length is 1.2 meters, and the cage trays within 70x50cm can be used, and the applicability is wide.
  • Load-bearing and waterproof: The material of the pet cage membrane pad is more high-quality, which can lift pet food, snacks, excrement and even a large amount of liquid, and the waterproofness can also ensure the tray sanitation.
  • Easy to use: Just pull the elastic band and put it on the tray, not easy to fall off, easy to use and easy to clean, suitable for hamsters, rabbits, chinchillas, hedgehogs, guinea pigs and other small animals.