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Destar Durable Waterproof Plastic Pet Dog House Indoor Outdoor Puppy Shelter Kennel with Air Vents and Elevated Floor

Destar Durable Waterproof Plastic Pet Dog House Indoor Outdoor Puppy Shelter Kennel with Air Vents and Elevated Floor

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  • LARGE & STURDY HOUSE - The dog house is large enough for dogs of different sizes; Please check the dimensions before buying; Overall Dimension: 28.7"(L)*25.1"(W)*27.9"(H); Door Dimension: 10.6"(W)*17.3"(H); The interior space is designed for small dogs; Made of sturdy and thick PP plastic that is anti-corrosive and anti-rust, it is durable to be used on outdoors places like patio and backyard
  • VENTILATION DESIGN & CONSTANT TEMPERATURE - Designed with 2 vents at the front and back, the DEStar dog house ensures good circulation of air; The lovely dog can always breathe fresh air whatever the weather is outside; In addition, the double vents help to keep your dog feel cool in summer but warm in winter
  • ELEVATED BASE & WARM HARBOR - The 2.7” higher base prevents the dirty water from flowing into the house, protecting the lovely dog from dirt, rain, snow, frostbite, and scald; The lovely pattern of footprints on the black base offers your puppy a sense of belonging; It is a warm harbor for your adorable pet in winter
  • DETACHABLE & WATERPROOF ROOF - The detachable design and smooth surface of our pet house make the cleaning easier; The slanted roof diverts water away very quickly, protecting the dog house from heavy rain; Your dog will be safe and sound even in a torrential rain
  • EASY INSTALLATION & EASY CLEANING - All the accessories are included for handy installation; Following up the instructions step by step, an adult can assemble the dog house within 30 minutes; If you want to clean up the interior of the dog house, just loosen the screws and take off the detachable roof; It’s very convenient to refresh your pet’s home

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DEStar Waterproof Plastic Dog House Medium

Sturdy Material & Detachable Roof & Ventilated Design & Simple To Assemble & Easy to Clean

DEStar dog house is made of durable, waterproof PP material, offering a comfortable, hygienic, warm harbor for your adorable pet. It’s large enough for your pet to play and sleep in. Thanks to the ventilation design, your puppy can always breathe fresh air whether it is summer or winter. The slant proof, as well as the elevated floor, can protect your pet from the stormy weather. Your pet will surely love it very much.

  • Made of sturdy, durable, thick PP plastic, which is anti-corrosive and anti-rust, the pet kennel is very suitable for both indoor and outdoor places, like patio, backyard, deck, etc.
  • The blue and white color is easy to match with your home decorations and furniture styles, all while making your pets feel relaxed.
  • The higher 2.7” base is supported by 5 cylindrical plastic feet, which greatly distribute the pressure of the house, making it more stable.
  • 2 nails holes are reserved on both sides of the base for you to fix the dog house on the grass of the backyard, helping to strengthen the house’s stability.
  • 7 planks compose our dog house, while each plank is connected by buckles and screws, which can be easily assembled and connect with each other firmly.

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Made of sturdy, durable, thick PP Material, the dog house can withstand UV and stormy weather for a long time without fading or cracking; Your adorable dog will enjoy its happy time with the DEStar dog house.

Product Specifications:

· Overall dimension: 28.7"(L)*25.1"(W)*27.9"(H)

· Door dimension: 10.6"(W)*17.3"(H)

· Color: Blue and White

· Material: PP

· Suitable Target: Ideal for small pets

Your adorable puppy will absolutely enjoy this shelter which brings them comfort and reliability!

Strong Base Support

5 cylindrical plastic feet at the bottom distribute the pressure of the house, strengthening the stability of the whole base.

Ventilated Window

2 vents at the top ensure good air circulation to allow the puppy to always breathe fresh air. Also, it's beneficial for temperature balancing.

Heightened Base

The 2.7” higher base effectively prevents the dirty water from coming into the dog house. The convex lines on the entrance increase friction to avoid skids.

Complimentary Stakes

It comes with 4 plastic nails to fix the kennel on the grass or sand, enhancing the stability of the dog house in windy weather.

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