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Deago 5.1-Inch Air Stone Disc Bubble Oxygen Diffuser for Aquarium Fish Tank Pond Pump Hydroponics

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  • Round Flat Design: Maximizes the outlet area of the air stone to provide a larger area for bubbles.
  • Small Micro Bubbles (300-500 microns): Made of premium mineral stone + plastic nozzle material
  • Benefits: Increases air flow/circulation to oxygenate water for health benefits to aquatic life
  • Ornamental: Add beauty to your display aquarium with this round air stone to create micro bubbles
  • Fit for hydroponic systems, ponds, aquariums or fish tanks and other systems

Item type: Bubble Disk
Size: Diameter Approx. 4.2"/10.7cm; 5.1"/13cm
Material: Mineral stone + Plastic Nozzle

🐟【Fine bubble】 Oxygen stone refines the air output from the air pump into a particle bubble, which is smaller and denser, like the "atomization" effect, and the bubble size can be adjusted, and the different oxygenation amount can satisfy different use requirements
🐟【High dissolved oxygen rate]】 Compared with ordinary bubble stone, our bubble stone emits more bubbles, and the gas and the water surface are more widely contacted, which makes the dissolved oxygen amount larger
🐟【Material】: The air bubble-stone is sintered at high temperature. The material is sturdy and durable. It can be used for a long time and has better dissolved oxygen effect. When the bubble burst into the water, the sound is super quiet
🐟【Air pump wattage】 The weighs of air stone is 9.9oz/280g and is easily placed at the bottom of the fish tank, suitable for fresh water and salt water. PS: The deeper the water, you may need to use a larger wattage air pump to drive it
Note: Hose and air pump are not included

Instructions for use:
The product should soak in the water first for 15 minutes before use.
The long-term use producing dirt blockage would reduce the bubble; take it out to clean for repeated use.
Bubble stone, made by high temperature, durable, good at increasing oxygen levels, high quality filtering, widely used at:
(1) Fish farms to the eutrophic water environment oxygen, biological cultivation of oxygen.
(2) Oxygenation in the process of aquatic transportation to increase the oxygen solubility, prolong the life span.
(3) Aquarium / water purification, filtration; oxygen sterilization for ozone environment.
(4) Sewage treatment process of aeration oxygen, to prevent the deposition of large particles of sediment, and can remove somethings

Package included:
1 x Air Bubble Disk Stone