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CURRENT USA Serene Freshwater Full Spectrum RGB+W LED Light for Aquariums 48"-60" + Wireless 24 Hour Control + Background Lighting + Binaural Audio + Dual Tank Mount Arm Bundle

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  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: 1 Serene RGB+W LED Light, 24-Hour light controller with digital display, intuitive infrared remote control, adjustable docking mounts, RGB Background Light, Frosted Glass Background Film, power supply, 2 audio speakers, 2 adjustable tank mount arms.
  • IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE - Combining over the aquarium lighting, background lighting and binaural audio, Serene transforms your aquarium into an extraordinary experience. Set the ambiance for any room, relax to color therapy listening to natures sounds, all while enjoying your vivid aquatic life.
  • ULTRA-BRIGHT LED LIGHT- Delivers a brilliant RGB+W full color spectrum, producing eye-popping color rendition, making your fish and plants look amazing. Customize any color spectrum or automate your lights on a 24-hour schedule. Program a daily on/off time, gentle sunrise and sunset, bright daylight and soothing moon light.
  • BACKGROUND LIGHTING – Background lights combine the brilliance of color changing LED lighting with an easy-to-install glass film background, casting your choice of stunning colors and fades onto the back of your aquarium.
  • EVERYTHING’S HERE – Dual speakers surround you with the relaxing sounds of nature. Sleek dual tank arm mounts ensure optimal spread and color blending.