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Cos2Be Female Dogs Diapers Washable Reusable Wraps for from Small to Middle Dog 3 Packs

Cos2Be Female Dogs Diapers Washable Reusable Wraps for from Small to Middle Dog 3 Packs

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  • ✅KEEP YOUR HOUSE CLEAN!–Cos2be Dog Diapers Making your life much easier, it protects my house & furniture and there hasn't been any slippage or leaks even with a significant flow. If you have a lovely dog, which is a great solution for your dog's indoor and outdoor. Now you have more time to enjoy your life!
  • ✅SUPER ABSORBENT WASHABLE DOG DIAPERS - Washable Female Dogs Diapers More Economical & Eco-Friendly. Don’t waste money to buy disposable diapers. Cos2be diapers are washable is very helpful for untrained puppies, female dogs in heat, and dogs that suffer from excitement urination or incontinence.
  • ✅100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE- We endeavor to provide you with quality products. If you have any question about our products, please feel free to contact us by email. Your purchase comes with a full 90day no-risk, serious 100% Money Back Guarantee. NOW, YOU CAN BUY THIS!
  • ✅COMFY AND HEALTHY-Cos2be cloth diapers for dogs are Non-toxic, phthalate-free, lead-free, BPA free, PVC free, No heavy metals, and Food safe fabric. Give you an amazing benefit Which is waterproof. SAFETY AND COMFORTABLE!
  • ✅EASY TO PUT ON BUT DOGS CAN’T SHAKE IT OFF- The dog's diapers designed with comfy elastic bands on the waist or tail hole and the Soft inner fabric makes them more comfortable, they're quick and easy to put on. And your dog more likely to accept wearing them!

Product Description

Dogs are an integral part of human society on every inhabited continent on Earth. They drive livestock and protect it; police property; scent and detect illicit substances; haul sleds; retrieve game; guide the blind; search for and rescue the lost and injured; comfort the lonely; hear for the deaf; or simply add a sparkling natural reality to the lives of hundreds of millions of people throughout the world.

As we move from an agrarian to an urban culture, dogs are in many ways one of our last and most important links with the natural world. We get pleasure from caring for our gardens and for our pets.


  1. Measure dog at narrowest point around waist
  2. Measure dog from top of base of tail along backto waustline
  3. Measure dog from bottom of base of tail underneath to waistline
Please measure your dog's waist right in front of the back legs to ensure a good fit.
XS 10.23-14.2 inch/26-36cm
S 11.8-16.5 inch/30-42cm
M 15-21.2 inch/38-54cm


These diapers are useful for your dog suffering from excitement urination,incontinence.We love pets, and believe pets make us better. Our products help pet parents closer to their pets to live a much happier and healthful life. Pets bring us joy, love us unconditionally, and even lower our blood pressure and bring us a sense of well-being. They are precious gifts to accompany your pals when growing up and help improve mutual relations, enhancing the pleasure of its loyal throughout life.


These washable diapers are more Economical than disposable diapers.Precise stitching and quality fabric make these a durable item that will last through many items of washing.Our diapers cover Outer is made of environmental TPU,which is colorful printed and super waterproof.
One each of pink,purple and spot.This diapers will pleasure feels that comes with watching your dog's dazzle with these cheerful colors diapers.
Comfortable for your dogs and easier to put on!

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