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Climate Right

Climate Right 300W Electric Dog House Heater with an Abrasion-Resistant Cord & 3 Fan Settings for Dog Houses and Pet Enclosures

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  • Adjustable thermostat dials in 300 watts of heating power; includes built-in overheat protection and internal heat shield that protects components- no venting required!
  • Simple to install - includes quick mount drilling template for easy DIY installation
  • Internal fan circulates warm air to heat enclosures up to 75 cubic feet; also includes "Fan Only" mode to provide additional comfort during warmer weather
  • 8 foot long, abrasion-resistant cord keeps pets safe
  • Perfect for dog houses, cat houses, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, and more

Mount the ClimateSafe 300W heater and fan to the wall of your animal shelter for gentle heating to keep animals safe and comfortable in cold climates. Installation couldn't be easier, with simple wall mount installation template and no venting required. The 300W heater features an internal fan to safely distribute heat and ensure that the box will never overheat. The heater also features an abrasion-resistant cord, making it perfect for heating dog houses, cat houses, rabbit houses, chicken coops and more. The heater has an adjustable thermostat to find the perfect amount of heat to make pets comfortable. The heater turns off when an upper boundary temperature is reached, but the fan stays on. When temperature drops below lower boundary temperature, The heater comes back on.