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CJGQ White Pebbles for Plants Garden Vases 7 Lb White Rocks Gravel Decorative Stone 1/2"

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  • 🌑【SIZE & PARAMETERS】Weight:7pounds. Rocks range in length approx from0.5" to 0.7", Quantity: 980pcs, Laying Area: 1.5-2.2square feet, Volume: 0.6 gallons.(Quantity, area and volume are all Reference Data)
  • 🌼【SURFACE】Pebbles feature a unique matte "chalky" finish for a great low-gloss look.Rocks are natural and as a result some may be broken or out of shape, oval or round, thick or thin.Note: Dust will adhere to the surface of natural stone, which will disappear after washing with water
  • 🌷【WIDE USES】Common applications include succulent containers, potted plants,vases,cactus,bonsai,landscapeand terrariums.It is perfect for home decor and a creative interior and exterior design. The possibilities are endless with these floral arranging white gravel rocks!
  • ☘️【NATURAL STONES】These white natural stones are non-toxic and eco-friendly river rocks. Their natural attribute will make them last longer because they will not deteriorate like mulch does.
  • 🌺【ABOUT US】Provides quality products and efficient after-sales service.If you're not satisfied with our products,please contact us, we will provide you with a solution as soon as possible.

Product Description

Why choose us?

*We are a professional company specializing in garden decoration products

*The stones we provide are all natural and non-toxic

*We provide different kinds of stones with different weights for you to choose

Stones are laid on the soil, which can well protect soil erosion. When watering, the soil will not splash out.


Different rocks can cover exposed soil to make your plants more beautiful.

The perfect combination of stones and fish tanks will build a stone world for your fish.

It is very suitable for aquatic plants and can fix plants very well.

DIY, build your miniature landscape.

Stones are also your garden decorations