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Cats Meowee Premium Grade All Natural Organic World'S Strongest Catnip Use with Toys Scratchers Bedding Dry Cat Treats, 0.352 Oz - Pack of 2

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Give your kitty something delightful to play with. This catnip formula is ideal for use with scratching pads, beds, and toys of all shapes and sizes. Excellent item for resale in pet supply stores or the adoption counters of animal shelters.

🐈 Includes 2 counts of Cats Meowee Premium Grade All Natural Organic World's Strongest Catnip, 0.352 ounce each 
🐈 Catnip can take care of the stomach and digestive tract of cats
🐈 With the high grade 100% organically grown catnip that fills our other Meowee! 
🐈 Make your cat happy with a safely processed, organically grown product
🐈 This yummy treat is great for cat amusement and digestion