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Catit Creamy Lickable Cat Treat Tube, Chicken/Liver, 30 Pack

Catit Creamy Lickable Cat Treat Tube, Chicken/Liver, 30 Pack

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  • Cat treat tubes are fun to feed to your cat
  • Help provide hydration and amino acids
  • Catit creamy treats are suitable for placing in a dish or from the tube
  • Contains several nutrients to benefit their health
  • Catit creamy treats have chicken and liver puree
  • Put some on their food as a topping
  • Add a bit to a favorite toy for play while they eat
  • Recommended serving: Up to 3 tubes per day for an average size cat
  • Contains 6 packages
  • Each package contains 5 tubes

Reward your favorite feline with these Catit Lickable Cat Treats at any time of the day. They 're both healthy and hydrating, and rich in amino acids. Serve these cat treat tubes on a dish or feed them directly on a special occasion. They're natural, tasty and full of essential nutrients. These Catit creamy treats add some tasty variation to their diet. Delicious by themself, they also work well as a dry food topping. Watch them enjoy the rich, creamy chicken and liver flavor puree in a way that helps you to hand feed your pet for a fun and delicious snack. Put some inside of a toy and watch them play as they eat it. These cat treat tubes come with six 5-packs (30 total), in a 0.5-oz size.

Catit Creamy Treat Tube, Chicken/Liver, 30-Pack:
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