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Cat Window Perch Bed Seat - Indoor Cat Supplies Window Hammock, Kitty Bed Stuff, Hanging Pet Window Shelf Furniture, Heavy Duty Safe Kitten Bed, Suitable for Large and Small Cats, Holds up to 30 Lbs

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  • 【If your cat wants a sun perch, get this】If your kittens love sun bath as mine do, they'll absolutely love this cat window hammock. When the sun is shining through, it's wonderful to sit on to get some sun, look out the window, watch birds, or snooze the afternoon away.
  • 【Happy Cat, Happy Life】This cat window perch provides a comfy spot to relax. Kitty loves to lay on, sprawl out, roll around, and snooze in comfort, without puppy's bothering. Even if your cats are picky, it would be their favorite spot, and no more getting on your furniture.
  • 【Safe Powerful Suction, No Worry Falling】As a cat owner like you, safety is our top priority, so we design huge, heavy-duty and powerful suction cups, strong enough for your fur babies to lay in, roll around, jump on and off. Once attached, the cat window seat is super stable, not moving or falling.
  • 【Sturdy and long lasting】This cat perch is sturdy enough to hold 3 kittens (30 lbs), it would stay in place even with a cat playing, jumping and running up there. The cord is made of thick metal, no kitty can bite through, and the PVC pipes are premium, making it a long lasting cat bed.
  • 【Setup is a Breeze】Our cat window bed is pretty easy to set up and take down. You can move it to other windows, so your cats would have various scenery. Also you can pull the bed off the suction cups, and close the blinds without removing the cups.

Product Description

We aim to provide superb products, to make everyday tasks and leisure time the most enjoyable for you.

A Must Have Window Perch for Your Kitty

If your kittens love watching birds as mine do, don't hesitate to get this Window Perch for them.

This window seat is safe and works well for your furry friend. It is built as a fabulous resting spot, perfect for cats looking out the window, watching birds, or sleeping.

  • Safe and Sturdy
  • Powerful Suction
  • Easy to Setup
  • Spacious and Comfy
  • Perch Size: 21.3'' x 11.5''

Safety Comes First

Safety is definitely the top priority. We aim to design the window perch as cat's favorite space to stay at home.

Our window seat has powerful and strong suction cups, once attached, it will not move or fall. It's sturdy enough for your cat playing, rolling or jumping.

Easy to Assemble

This cat window bed has very few parts, it's easy to setup according to below instruction, or check our video.

With the suction cups, it can attaches securely to windows. It is also very convenient to take it down and move it to somewhere else, the suction cups will still be as strong as ever.


First connect the PVC pipes together tightly.

Pull the 2 wire throug the holes of cloth, then assemble the pipe frame into the cloth.

Soak the suction cups in hot water for 2 minutes, clean the window with a wet cloth, then attach the cups to the window.

Once attached well, this cat window seat is super stable, will not moving or falling, it can hold up to 2 cats.