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Cat Scratch Tape Furniture Protectors - Guard Your Couch, Doors and Furniture from anti Scratches Deterrent Cat Training Tape - Great for Leather and Fabric Couches

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  • Effective Cat Scratch Tape 🐾 This feline friendly tape is purrfect for protecting your furniture from little claws. Just peel, cut and stick where needed. The invisible sticky surface that it creates, will STOP YOUR CAT OR KITTEN FROM SCRATCHING.
  • Invisible Cat Couch Protector 🐾 You love your cat, but like your couch too! This anti-scratch cat tape keeps your furniture looking fantastic, and is totally safe for kittens of all ages. GREAT FOR CAT AND KITTEN TRAINING, it easily peels off without leaving any residue!
  • Versatile Cat Furniture Protector 🐾 This tape can be stuck anywhere your kitty scratches, from fabric and leather couches, to vinyl floor tiles, and varnished doors. Just add a little of this terrific tape to INSTANTLY PROTECT YOUR FURNITURE!
  • Simple Cat Scratch Deterrent 🐾 Forget no scratch cat spray, this sticky tape KEEPS PAWS OFF YOUR FURNITURE, walls, doors and couches without any odour at all! Kittens quickly learn to keep their claws to their cat scratching post, so you can be sure your sofa is safe!
  • CATISFACTION GUARANTEED 🐾 We're so sure that you'll love the results of this superb pet couch protector tape, that we stand behind it with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if you aren't totally delighted, then just contact our Chicago based team for a speedy, simple and straightforward return for a full refund!
  • CHOOSE THE GOOD STUFF 🐾 Trusted in homes throughout America, this Cat Scratch Tape is used to protect couches and furniture throughout the country!

Product Description

Is your kitten clawing your couch?

Does your cat destroy your doors?

Has your feline friend left scratches in your furniture?

This cat scratch tape is the purrfect solution, simply stick this clear double-sided tape, where your kitty loves to scratch, and the sticky surface on your kittens' paws stop scratches instantly! Totally safe, odor free and non-toxic, you can protect your fixtures and fittings in seconds!

Cat Scratch Guard Convincing your cat that their shiny new cat scratching post is the only place to sharpen their paws is no easy task. They just won't listen to reason! If you're looking for a straightforward way to protect your furniture, this tape is the answer. Just apply where needed, and the sticky surface on your kitties paws safely saves your home from scratches.

Simple to Use Step 1 - Cut the tape to the needed length. Step 2 - Apply to your couch, door, or floor. Step 3 - Remove the paper backing. In no time at all, your furniture is fully shielded from cat claws!

Odor Free Unlike cat scratch sprays, this clear cat scratch tape is totally odor free, and virtually invisible! You won't know it's there and till it's time to remove it. And once removed, there's no residue, mess or scratch marks to clean!