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Cat Litter Pad Anti-Cat Litter Bring Out the Cat Rubbing Foot Pad Cat Litter Box Mat Cat Toilet Mat (Color : Gray, Size : 18.89 28.74 0.31In)

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  • 《The surface of the pet floor mat》: soft touch, full of elasticity, cats can stretch freely on it without restriction.
  • 《Pet mat design》: naughty cat sharpening tool, uneven elastic ring, can be used as cat sharpening, tough and resistant to scratching without hurting the claws.
  • 《Bottom of pet floor mat》: non-slip design, tooth marks on the bottom help to enhance friction, and it is stable even when exposed to water.
  • 《Advantages of pet floor mats》: uniform cat litter particles, steadily catch the escaped cat litter particles, and keep the home clean and tidy.
  • 《Express delivery》: delivery time is 15-25 days, if you STIL can not receive your order within 30 days, please contact us