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Small night light

Cat Litter Mat,Pet Feeding Mat Cat Litter Box Mat Scatter Contro Double Layer Honeycomb Design,Easy Clean Washable EVA Material for Kitty Dog Small Animals (Color : 30X30Cm)

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  • The honeycomb holes are wide and deep enough,so it works for most of cat litter,clumping litter and eco litter from fine to is also helps stands up easily to shoe-wearing bipeds.
  • It is good for sensitive paws:our mat make by EVA foam materials,which is soft and non-toxic.There is no need to worry about that our mats hurt kittens'paws.
  • Really easy to clean,you just shake this back into the litter tray.If you want to cleaning in deep,just wash it by water or use a vacuum and then blow-dry it,or hose it off.Having this,you do not have to standing on random bits of Cat litter that has sneaked out of the tray.
  • Cat litter mat in two layers,the top layer has holes with exclusive and innovative design of the 3D round-shaped is perfect for capture litters into the trap.Raised points on the surface make the mat skidproof and wearable and soft structure gently massages cat paws.
  • Second layer is collected litters,and material itself is not wet,so do not worry about urine streaming around the floor.