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Pretty Kitty

Cat Litter Mat in Black: Small Cat Mat for Cat Litter Box 12X16In Cat Litter

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  • CLEAN SPACE AROUND THE CAT TOILET: Our waterproof mat can be easily placed in front of the cat toilet. The kitty litter box mat protects the floor from dirt and crumbs. SMALL SIZE: 12 x 16in
  • THE 2-LAYER HONEYCOMB DESIGN catches the cat litter easily! Whether wooden cat litter or clumping cat litter, it can later be poured back into the box. The waterproof plastic mat is double-layered
  • HELPS TO KEEP THE FLOOR CLEANER: A permeable honeycomb structure collects the cats litter. To clean the small mat, simply vacuum or rinse the washable mat with warm water and detergent, let it dry
  • EASY START: Unfold the floor mat. Place the cat box centrally on it to smooth out wrinkles. Place the mat for cats in position in front of the cat litter boxes, with the honeycombs facing upwards
  • WE OFFER MORE CAT STUFF: Kitten supplies, cat food toy, litter trapping mat, small rubber liter box mat, cat mats, large cat toys set, basic cat things, catnip toy, cat grass, cat feeding toy etc!

Brand: Pretty Kitty


Cat Litter Mat In Black: Small Cat Mat For Cat Litter Box 12x16in Cat Litter