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Calming Dog Bed for Dogs Cats Donut Dog Bed Pet Cushion Bed Plush Cat Bed round Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

Calming Dog Bed for Dogs Cats Donut Dog Bed Pet Cushion Bed Plush Cat Bed round Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

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  • 🍩【Comfortable Sleep】 -Super anti-anxiety, comfy & calming. A self-warming fluffy calming dog bed is reminiscent of a mother's fur coat. Sleeping in Donut Cuddler shape just like sleep in mommy’s hug. Filled with long soft faux-shag material that will keep your pet warm and cozy in cold night. Perfect for puppy & kitty.
  • 🍩【Orthopedic Dog Bed】 - 8" thickness with strong support and resilience. Raised edges are perfect for burrowing, offers additional orthopedic support and serve as a comfortable headrest as bed pillow. provide head and neck support, to ease the muscle soreness and joint pain for your loyal friend.
  • 🍩【Muti-size & Muti-color Options】 - The fluffy puppy beds are with 3 size option: 20/23/30 inch. 5 color options: Grey/Light Coffee/Khaki/Dark Grey/Pink. Find the right size and your favor color.
  • 🍩【Non-slip Bottom】 - This ped bed for dogs &cats features a non-skid bottom to stay in place on floors. The bottom of waterproof dog bed is designed with sticky beads and high-density fabric, waterproof, dirt resistant or sliding, and your dog can play and rest securely in the calming dog bed.
  • 🍩【Machine Washable, Easy to Clean】 - The round dog bed allows both hand and machine washable. Make sure that the bed is washed in cold water and gentle mode(no bleach), and thoroughly dried in low temperature please.Notice: Please leave it for a while after receiving the calming dog bed, it will return to shape after shaking.

Product Description

Donut Cuddler

The thick, sofe fur isincredible to the touch

Premium Cotton

The thick, soft fur is incredibly comfortable to the touch


Ensure pet bed is fixed on the ground

Why choose this bed? Available in beautiful colors, different colors can easily meet with any room's décor!

√Orthopedic and joint support

√Provides warmth and safety

√Non-Slip bottom

√Made with pet-safe materials

Take your Pet Bed Now for Deep, Peaceful Sleep!

Warm Tips:

1. Faux fur Dog Bed is a stand-alone vacuum package, but it will be restored after 3 or 4 days and will not a ect usage.

2. The entire is washable and safe to dry. You'll want to wash your bed with cold water and tumble dry low heat

3. Product comes in an air-sealed bag so please shake it before use. It takes several days to go to its max u ness.

4. The actual color of the product maybe slightly di erent from the picture color Due to the di erent monitors and light e ects.

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