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BOS Amazing Odor Sealing Disposable Bags for Dog Poop, Diaper or Any Sanitary Product Disposal -Durable and Unscented (200 Bags)[Size: XXS, Color: White]

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  • ✔ Bags measure 6.7"x10.6"(17x27cm), refer to the image for the detail. Durable and strong enough!
  • ✔ High performance by phenomenal odor sealing technology will surprise you! The bags are unscented!
  • ✔ A safer and more sanitary way to dispose of pet waste or any foul-smelling substances. Not only does it seal in ANY odor (not just limited to pet waste), but it even seals in bacteria!
  • ✔ Easy to Use! Place pet waste or any any foul-smelling substances in the bag and tie a knot! (The bags do not have handle to tie.) Securely sealed and amazingly odor-free!
  • ✔ A value pack of 200 bags! Comes in a compact box & each bag is dispensed (not on rolls)!! Soft material and easy to tie! Opaque white color.