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BlackHole Litter Mat

Blackhole Litter Mat Blackhole Cat Litter Mat - Large Size Rectangular 30" X 23"…

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  • Cleaner Floors Start Today – These versatile cat litter box mats help keep litter from being tracked or scattered across your floors by trapping it in our dual-layer design.
  • Smart and Efficient Cleaning Support – The Honeycomb designed mat holds tiny pieces of litters fallen between the layers, automatically catching debris as cats exit their litter box.
  • Universal Cat Litter Catcher – Each size mat supports all types of cat litter, including clay, crystal, corn, clumping, wheat, and pellets!
  • Easy to Empty & Clean – The dual-layer style lets you simply dispose of the trapped litter or put it back in the litter box for reuse. It’s also waterproof, washable, and air dries quickly.
  • Single or Multiple Cat Use – At 30” x 23” in size, these versatile cat litter mats support a single cat household or homes with multiple furry feline friends.

Product Description

Large in size, these rectangular cat litter mats prevent litter from tracking or scattering across floors to maximize cleanliness.

The litter mats are completely waterproof in case of accidents, catch debris between two layers keeping your home cleaner, and work effectively with all types of cat litter!

The heavy-duty EVA foam is safe and completely pet-friendly. And because it’s extra durable and soft on their little padded feet, the smooth, comfortable surface will make it easier for your furry friends to get in and out of their boxes.

When you receive our mat, it may have a new rubber smell; let the air out for a few days to eliminate it. The waterproof trackless litter mats are made of soft EVA foam that’s easy to wash with soap and water. When finished let air dry and avoid direct sunlight to protect the material.

Available in different colors to better match your room décor or personal home style.

​- Cat Head Shape 23” x 21”

- Medium 23” x 21”

- Large 30” x 23”

- Extra Large 36” x 25”

- Lungo 27" x 18"