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Bird Toys, Parrot Toys, Parrots Cage Chewing Toy with Colorful Wood Beads, Multicolored Wooden Block Bite Toys for Macaw African Grey Cockatoo and a Variety of Parrots

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Actual Color
  • The toy is chew chain with plenty building blocks,which the favorite toy of parrots
  • Parrot chew toy with colourful piece and chew string, the gorgeous color conforms to its preference
  • They can swing like a swing, and birds can jump with them to ease the stress and have a happy and good mood

Product Description:

Item Type:Bird Toy

Toys Type:Chew Toy



Length:12.60"/32 cm

Width:5.51"/14 cm

Target Audience:Birds



Made of high and fine quality material-firm and envrionment friendly,you can feel comfortable to buy it as a gift for your pet birds.

You can hang it to decorate the cage, also for chewing and climbing to strengthen the balance and coordination of birds and help to do sports.

It has the function that it can relieve stress and boredom, meet the needs of pets to climb and bite, and are conducive to their physical and mental health.

Package Include:

1 x Parrots Chew Climbing Wooden Building Blocks Ladders Toy