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Bingopaw Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure Furniture with Two Door, Litter Mat

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  • Heavy Duty

This stylish Industrial wooden hidden cat washroom litter box doubles as an end table, complementing your home's decor and saving space in your living room, It has top space for kitty’s climbing, sleeping or holding cat toys, cat food and plants, the wooden cat house with two of the panels open offer your cat ample ventilation and views from every angle, sliding Litter Mat makes for easy cleaning, keeps urine from spattering on the panel and without smell, it fit small medium large cats.

  1. It has no bottom panel, keeps urine from spattering on the panel, comes with litter mat that you can place at the entrance, helps reduce litter tracking
  2. The cat storage cabinet box has magnetic swing door panel easy to open for deep cleanings
  3. Top Weight Capacity: 30kg/ 66 lbs
  4. Product Dimension: L * W *H 75x53x53cm/ 29.5x20.8x20.8 inch
  5. Inner Space: 70x50x50cm/ 27.5x19.6x19.6 inch
  6. Door Opening: L * W 26x26cm/ 10.2x10.2 inch
  7. Litter Mat Size: L * W 120x58cm/ 47.2x22.8 inch