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BESTHUA Aquarium Air Stone Bubble Aerator Booster Aquarium Oxygen Dissolved Oxygen Diffuser Fine Bubble Generator Fish Tank Silent Refinement Bubble Stone Fishing Accessories Security

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  • 【Increase the Amount of Oxygen】Our Air Stone for Aquarium is of great help to increase the amount of oxygen. It is also can be used to increase the flow and circulation of air to oxygenate the water
  • 【Create Better Oxygenation Effect】This aquarium air stone quietly produces a very dense cloud of tiny bubbles. When the bubbles burn in the water, the sound is less. Creates a large number of tiny air bubbles in the fish tank for a dazzling curtain effect.
  • 【Use Easily】You can rest assured to choose our Aquarium Oxygenator that is well designed and simple to use, can be used in fresh water and sea water tanks
  • 【Sturdy and Reliable】Designed with a sturdy and reliable suction cup, our Oxygen Bubbler Stone for Aquarium can be stably absorbed and fixed in the aquarium, not easy to fall off.
  • 【Useful Tool】Our Aquarium Oxygen Machine which is convenient to disassemble and clean is a useful tool for successfully rearing aquatic fish for the respiration process.


1. Oxygen is an essential air for fish to live in the fish tank, and this Aquarium Air Stone is used for atomizing oxygen.

2. This Aquarium Air Stone will make oxygen smaller and will improve the oxygen amount in a fish tank.

3. air stone must be used with air pump, recommended air pump power > 1.5W, air stone is compatible with air pipe with inner diameter of 4mm


Size: about 14cm/5.5inch

Material: Acrylic

Weight: about 50g

Packing List:

Air Stone*1+Sucker*2