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Aquarium Light Clip on Fish Tank Lighting Small Fish Light for Tanks without Border, White and Blue Leds

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  • 2 Light Modes: total 24 LEDs, including 18 white LEDs and 6 blue LEDs, in day mode, all lights on; in night mode, blue lights on, suitable for both freshwater and saltwater
  • Energy Saving: with power 1.5watt, this aquarium LED light gives off decent crisp light for fish tanks below 10 gallon water; low power consumption, it is 40% energy saving than ordinary LED lights
  • Easy to Use: just clip the light on and adjust the screw on a suitable tightness, and the flexible metal tubing help to adjust the light to any desirable direction and angle
  • Long Lifespan: the service life of the aquarium clip light is 15,000 hours, durable and long lasting, don’t bother you to change your aquarium light frequently
  • Suggested Aquarium Size: the length of the light body is 3.54 inches, which is suggested to be used for 6 -- 12 inches long fish tanks or 2 -- 6 gallon tank