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Aquarium Air Stone Nano-Refinement Bubble Disk for Ultra-High Dissolved Oxygen Diffuser Hydroponics Bubbler

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Weight heavy enough to sink to the bottom, no need for suction cups.
The generated bubbles are exquisite and rich, and the amount of oxygen dissolved in the market is high.
The produced bubbles are rich and in high oxygen content, superfine atomization bubble beautify your aquarium.
Strong filtration, suitable for fresh water and salt water. Super sturdy and strong enough, easy to clean, long service life.
Use tips: In the case that all parts of the air pump are well linked, repeatedly pull and insert the tube of the back door of the fine-tuning valve, let the tube add water, can quickly achieve the atomization effect.

Material: ceramic.
Diameter: N-50:7cm, N-100:13cm,N-150:15.6cm,N-200:20.7cm.
Color: white.
The product is used for increasing oxygen in aquarium.
Please immerse in the fish tank for two hours before using it. The effect is obviously better.
The micro nano atomized bubble disk is not the better the power of the oxygen pump is. In the case of being able to push, the smaller the air output is, the more delicate it is. If the water depth is more than 40cm, the power of the air pump can be increased appropriately.

Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.
Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

Package include:
1 * Aquarium Air Stone.
Jet Pet Aquarium Air Stone Nano-refinement Bubble Disk Ultra-High Dissolved Oxygen Diffuser Hydroponics Bubbler