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Aquarium Air Stone, Increase O2, Reduce CO2, 50Mm Quiet Aquarium Bubbler, Bubble Diffuser Provides Ultra-High Dissolved Oxygen, Aquarium Air Pump for Decoration (White, 50Mm)

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  • Please note that the air tube and air pump are not included. The air stone kit includes 1 Nano disc stone.
  • Upgraded Performance The new air stone has 180 ultra-small 100 μm air holes, which can produce bubbles of 500,000 per minute. It releases smaller, denser and more uniform bubbles and doubles the rate of oxygen dissolution in water, reduces CO2 and increases pH.
  • Super Sturdy and Durable Air Stone Made of high quality white alundum and brown alumina, our air stone is fired at a high temperature of 1300 ℃. Its lifespan can be 2 to 3 years. The air diffuser area is exquisite, strong filtration and easy to clean compared to other aquariums.
  • Quiet With high air permeability, the updated ventilation stone can push smaller and denser bubbles. When the bubbles burst in the water, the sound is quieter. The diffuser is suitable for freshwater, saltwater and hydroponic aquariums.
  • Beautiful Decoration The air stone can create the atomizing effect, and the bubble beams make your aquarium like a fairy paradise. The concise color and shape of the disc is suitable for your aquarium. And it is heavy enough to easily sit on the bottom without a suction cup.

Product Description
Material: mineral stone, plastic
Compatible air pump power:
The 50mm air stone can be driven by 2W or more power air pump and compatible with 4mm air tube
The 100mm air stone can be driven by 4W or more air pump and compatible with 4mm or 8mm air tube
Please note that the more you put the air stone underwater, you may need to use a larger power air pump to drive it.

Warm Tips:
1. If you are frustrated with the tube, soak the tube for several minutes before connecting it to the air stone.
2. To get better effect, please immerse the air stone in water for one hour before putting it into use.
3. When the water depth is more than 40cm, you may need an air pump with higher wattage.
4. Cleaning Tips: We suggest you clean the disc once a month, of course you can clean it more often. You have to clean the algae and other impurities on the disc to avoid the hole.